Monday, August 23, 2010

Ok, so i failed to complete the RPM challenge back in February but it wasn't for not not trying. Many things that added up to 5 incomplete songs...better than nothing. It was a good experience all in all.
Moving on...finding a slightly new direction and a new voice on the guitar manifesting in 5-6 even newer songs. Still working out lyrics and some minor arrangement details with the music has brought me closer to an EP's worth of material. With a constant fire under my slacker ass being fervently stoked by my ever encouraging brother the hope is to have them recorded for a winter release. Just in time to fill yours and your friends stockings.
Also trying to move this thing along by adding a web page powered by google (is there anything those guys DON'T do??) It took much time and thought to come up with a URL that was fitting but that hadn't already been taken. Over the years I've had many comments about people getting 'lost' in my guitar playing so, in a play on words: blurring Will is what i went for.